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Laurie Marshall and her staff are some of the best in the business. Laurie’s trademark searches are thorough, fast and she is fair. Beyond executing on the tm search Laurie finds way to solve issues that may come up with securing or your trademark or finding ways to get you the trademark you want either through a variation or with helping with name generation! She’s very easy to work with I work with her as well as recommend her to my clients and friends! You can’t go wrong with Laurie and her team:)
Rashmi Budhram, Partner, Buko LLC
When I met Laurie for the first time I knew I wanted to work with her and it was the best decision for my business. She put my trademark through quickly and taught me so much about the trademark business.  I now tell all my business friends to call her asap!  With trademarking it is not good to wait like so many business do!  Laurie is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her and her business!
Annie Bruce, Owner, Brooklyn Owl
I’m an attorney and I refer my clients to Laurie Marshall for all trademark related issues. She has an in-depth understanding of trademark law, and she knows how the US trademark office works. I have used her for trademark applications for businesses owned by friends and family. Laurie and her staff are professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Laurie for all of your trademark legal work.
Matt Mandell, Partner, Mandell Mandell LLP
Laurie Marshall and Cate Larson are great! They are professional and courteous. They answer questions and prompt. I highly recommend them!
Evan Visante, Founder, Old Fabrications
TradeMarks The Spot has helped us file several trademarks. Their understanding of the process, counsel on the finer points of each submission, and practical, no-nonsense approach have helped us navigate through to securing each one. They are true professionals.
Dan Brokke, President Bethany International
My experience with  Laurie and Cate was awesome! As a first time business owner they made this experience a breeze and were always available to discuss the steps to getting my trademark complete.  They explained everything thoroughly and made me feel confident about the process.
Kathy Juana
Thank you for the chance to share my experience with Attorney Laurie Marshall and her team. I think what I was most impressed with was Laurie’s down-to-earth, accessible nature. Not once but twice we spoke on the phone when she could of easily responded by email. In fact on both occasions she insisted we speak on the phone for clarity and, I believe, to acknowledge my uncertainty due to my novitiate status. It was obvious Laurie and her team desired only to advocate for my needs with integrity and timeliness. Thank you so much for taking on my application. 
Laura Fuller, owner, the FULLer CUP
Laurie has helped us in every step of the trademark process with prompt and astute legal advice. She has facilitated the registration of our trademark in the most efficient and economical way possible. I would highly recommend her for any business looking for legal help and advice on trademarks.”
Manjari Kumar, Best Class Inc.
As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to value people that can help navigate tricky situations and save time. Laurie has been helpful, affordable and on point!
Kevin McCaffrey, Director of Business Development — Alternative Investments at Thomson Reuters
Laurie made the process of trademarking my company, easy, seamless and understandable. I was very happy with the process, her communication style and the results arrived when she said they would. A great experience all around.
Katie Osborn, Principal & Creative Director
I love working with Laurie. We have three applications for Dog Fashion spa in the works and the process has been seemless so far. I was hesitating about spending money on something I thought I could handle myself. Trust me, the time savings and peace of mind are priceless.  More importantly, if there are inquiries I know Laurie will handle them without sweat.

Also, do not wait for applying for the trademark.If you don’t  want to operate as a mom-and-pop shop, do it as early as possible before you invest any money in developing a Web site, printing labels, etc. Laurie is very straightforward and will tell you right away  if there is an issue with a trademark. You want a professional with years of experience to guide you through this. I have three master’s degrees and I chose to outsource this task to her company.  I sleep at night and focus on growing my business while she is doing her job.

Elena Volnova, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Dog Fashion
Laurie has provided excellent and cost-effective service related to trademarks (searches, registration, guidance, etc.) for me at both the Oakland A’s and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Her work is always thorough, speedy and without error. I enjoy working with Laurie and recommend her services without reservation.
Chief Legal Officer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Laurie has been a tremendous resource with respect to trademark infringement, filings, searches, etc. She has provided my business with top-notch advice regarding our trademark issues. Laurie is super responsive, easy to reach at all hours and has answers to questions literally at her finger tips. I would refer her to anyone who wants to file a trademark or has issues with their trademark in a litigation scenario.
Kimberly Schanzer, Attorney
I have worked with Laurie Marshall for over 10 years and can absolutely say, she is one of the most thorough, hands-on professionals I have met. When it comes to legal issues, especially trademarks, it is imperative to have someone knowledgeable, experienced and thorough because having something go wrong with your trademark can lead to catastrophic problems with your brand and business. That’s why I go to Laurie and her company —- she has over 15 years experience and has managed trademarks for major brands and businesses like Major League Baseball. You will be in good hands with Laurie.
Brett Hoebel, Founder, Hoebel Fitness & RevAbs
Laurie recently provided search and clearance services to my organization and she was knowledgeable, professional and, above all, practical.
Matthew Shuber, Vice President, Business Affairs and Legal Counsel at Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre
I recently used Laurie’s services to trademark my new brand. She is a diligent and knowledgeable trademark attorney who had my company’s best interests in mind at all times. Her work was flawless and the process was painless for me. I would recommend her services with pleasure.
Stehanie Sulpizi Bhalla, Due Cellucci, Inc.
Laurie has provided trademark services for one of my sports franchise clients for several years and with much success. I have enjoyed working with her both personally and professionally.
Jamie B. Eidenberg, Esq., Partner at Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC
I am incredibly fortunate to have an incredible resource in Laurie Marshall and her team at TradeMarks The Spot. In a short time and with little effort on my part, I’ve gone from wondering what my options were to protect an intellectual property to having papers filed to TM the work…AND with the highest confidence that I have made the best possible choices in doing so.

Laurie and her team are a pleasure to work with, patient with questions and concerns (upfront with a debrief and along the way) and insightful in their advice. For someone like myself who has less than a working knowledge of TM/copyright law, to have years of experience and efficiency on call for these important business considerations is a dream come true. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with TradeMarks The Spot!

Hallie Overman, Print & Product designer at overprint inc.
Laurie not only did the legwork but also gave good advice and support concerning a trademark issue.
She is straightforward and honest. I recommend hiring her.
Raoul Didisheim, Digital Executive
I met Laurie at the Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence Conference. She provides an excellent solution for small business owners to file trademarks at a reasonable cost. Laurie is reliable and produces excellent results. I truly enjoyed working with her.
Stephanie Bruno, Project Manager, DivaCFO
Laurie is a very experienced and detail oriented attorney, particularly skilled at clearance work. She has cleared hundreds of marks in her career and is one of the most thorough and careful clearance attorneys I have ever worked with.
Jennifer Hamilton, Trademark Counsel, Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.
Laurie is an exceptional attorney and legal advisor. She also has the incredible ability to balance her client’s business needs with apparent potential legal risk challenges. She not only delivered great risk assessment advice, but incredible experience and insight into alternative business possibilities. She has been and will continue to be an incredible legal asset to me. I highly recommend her legal services.
Brett Serxner, Marketing Professional
Laurie possesses well established credentials as a trademark attorney, with a keen understanding of a wide range of practice-related concerns – it was a pleasure to work closely with her on a number of client matters, both when she served as an in-house trademark counsel and, here, at Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, as a Senior Trademark Attorney.
Lawrence Greene, Partner at Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C.