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Trademarks & Your Business

Establishing a strong brand is important to business success and a trademark can become one of your company’s most important and valuable assets. From the onset of the creation of a business name, it is important from the trademark perspective to determine whether that name is viable. The name may be already in use or may be too descriptive; it may also be weak and, therefore, difficult to protect. This class will help a business understand the legal aspects of branding, the risks of not undertaking a proper trademark clearance and the benefits it will derive from trademark registration.

Classes typically focus on:

  • What can be trademarked
  • How to determine if your trademark is available for use
  • The trademark process
  • How to properly use your trademark
  • How to police your trademark


SCORE Presentations

  • Trademarks & Copyrights for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • Fashion Protection – Trademark Basics and Fashion Compliance
  • Understanding Intellectual Property: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About IP

Other Presentations

  • ASDLV Consumer Goods Convention Las Vegas, NV
  • Craft & Hobby Association2015 Mega Show, Anaheim, CA
  • Fashion Institute of Technology 227 West 27th St, New York, NY fitnyc.edu
  • General Assembly 902 Broadway, New York, NY GeneralAssemb.ly
  • Green Spaces 395 Broadway, New York, NY 
  • Grind 419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY
  • Hofstra University, Guest Lecturer, Forensic Linguistics Class, Professor Robert A. Leonard, Ph.D.
  • In Good Company 16 West 23rd St, New York, NY
  • NY Business Consultants Academy  340 Madison Ave, New York, NY
  • NYC Business Solutions Queens Center 168-25 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY
  • NYU Graduate School, Guest Lecturer, Entrepreneurial Studies Class, Professor Myron Gould
  • Quick Suites79 Madison Ave, New York, NY
  • Science Industry & Business Library, NYPL 188 Madison Ave, New York, NY nypl.org/locations/sibl
  • SCORE! Education Centers (Webinars)
  • SCORE Risk Management Workshop – Science Industry & Business Library, 188 Madison Avenue, NYC.
  • Small Business Boot Camp for Women
  • Sunshine Suites 419 Lafayette St. New York, NY
  • The Maestro Project
  • The Naming Group 99 Madison Ave, New York, NY  TheNamingGroup.com
  • The Yard 33 Nassau Ave, New York, NY, 157 Columbus Ave, New York, NY
  • Women Business Starters, 33 Nassau St, Brooklyn, NY
If you are unable to attend a presentation or have questions about a presentation that you’ve attended, please do not hesitate to contact Laurie at laurie@tmthespot.com or (917) 566-1003. Hard copies of her presentations may be available upon request.